Parisian Inspiration


About two years ago, my husband and I went to Paris, France, on our honeymoon.  Although, I was super bummed that I didn’t find any of those famous French flea markets that I had heard so much about… Paris was full of beautiful architecture, art, and scenery.

One of my favorite places that we went to was Versailles. It was a total tourist trap with people walking around with audio-guided tours, but I was there to soak in the beauty of the architecture, so the crowds didn’t bother me! Here are some of my favorite details of Versailles.

crystal chandeliers…beautiful brass hardware..gorgeous stone & plaster ceilings…amazing wood floors…trim work that was painted in a soft grey… & gorgeous arched ceilings..


the view out of the back of Versailles, was gorgeous!

Paris was also filled with amazing architecture…


I’m hoping to incorporate some French inspired details into our future home…I’m thinking some soft greys, carrara marble, and crystal chandeliers would be a good start…and I might just need a second chance to go back and shop at a french flea market 😉 .

IMG_2259 – Sarah


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