Saturday Inspiration – Kitchens

I am a renter. I love it because if anything goes wrong with the house, I can call my landlord to fix it. I’m also a student, so I couldn’t afford to fix any issues that may come up…but with graduation coming up in less than a year and a half, I’m dreaming about what I want our future home to look like. I know that even once we graduate, kitchen & bathroom renos would be a long way off (we both have grand plans to pay of student loans within 5 years of graduation), but it doesn’t hurt to look right? Here are my top 5 kitchen inspirations right now (link included if I could find it):


I love the white cabinets and subway tiles, but what I love the most is the slate colored flooring. I have two labs, so tile floors are a must!


Again, look at those floors. I also really love the light grey island. I’m a big fan of islands that are different colors than the main cabinet color.

Couldn’t find the link.

Look at the marble backsplash behind the stove!!! Gorgeous!

can’t find link.

I’m really loving the antique piece of furniture repurposed as an island. The chandelier is also dreamy.


I also really love these dark grey/blue cabinets! ..and look at those built-ins!!!

I’ll definitely be using these pictures as inspiration when it finally comes time to update a kitchen! What are your favorite kitchen trends/ ideas?



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