What I’ve Learned So Far About Having an Antique Booth…

This past summer, my mom and I came up with the idea that we would like to open up an antique booth. We looked around until we found the perfect store (half way between both of our houses), collected antiques from around our own houses, and made the big step! In mid September, we opened up the booth!

Here is what our booth looked like on the first day we opened …


The crazy thing is …we really didn’t buy a whole lot to fill the booth with; we already owned most of it. People at the shop were shocked..haha…

Now, that we’ve been open a few months, we’ve made a few changes. A few weeks ago, we painted the back wall of the booth, built walls to make our booth feel more like a room, and rearranged. Here it is now:


we painted our back wall a light grey-blue…


…and I think we’ve really gotten a more defined style.

We’ve really enjoyed searching for cool new things for the booth (and sometimes ourselves), doing some DIY, and having another space to decorate.

Although we’ve only had this little booth running for a few months, here is what I’ve learned so far:

  1. You can’t really predict what people are going to want to buy. There are a few favorites that sell well for us (like chalkboard platters…or really any kind of chalkboard), but other than that it is a toss-up. So, we just make things and buy things that we would want in our own home. I think that’s a pretty good rule. Also, some of my most favorite items, the one’s where I have gone back to the booth to take the item home because I’ve decided I actually wanted to keep it, tend to sell best.  A little bit of a bummer, but it means I can shop my house if I’m feeling like the house is getting full.
  2. It’s a commitment. We try to go every other week to “freshen up” the booth. That may not sound like much, but we both have full time job/school schedules and the booth is 1.5 hours away from each of us. On the bright side, I get to hang out with my parents about every other week and catch up.
  3. It’s addicting. If (in the beginning) you asked my husband how many times I would try to get him to go with me to check out my usual junk’n spots weekly… he would roll his eyes and say too much. Now that we’ve got a good amount of inventory, I only go every few weeks and do a lot of my shopping at estate sales and auctions.

If you are in Virginia, and love antiquing, our booth is at the Staunton Antiques Center in Staunton, VA.



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