Estate Finds

One of my absolute favorite things to do is to go to estate sales. So yesterday, I woke up, hopped on the local estate finding website and searched through photos from nearby estate sales.  Well, let’s just say, I hit the jackpot! After giving my husband puppy-dog eyes, we drove 40 minutes south… and here is what we found…



a beautiful ironstone tureen with a really pretty wheat pattern. If you’ve never seen ironstone before, its a really beautiful type of china that is super durable. There are so many styles, but my favorite styles tend to be the really chunky, geometric shapes and the pieces with fruit designs. I usually don’t go for the wheat styles, but I couldn’t resist this one! Also, look at the stamp on the bottom – gorgeous.


…an ironstone creamer and underplate…

IMG_3888_edited…a sweet transferware dish…


…and these really pretty vintage music books, which will be great for projects!

I’ve found some really amazing pieces at estate sales and although I’m definitely not a are a few tips:

  1. Scout out potential estate sales online on websites like: . I’ve stumbled upon many estate sales just while driving around on Saturday mornings, but looking ahead really helps you to know what type of estate sale you are about to walk into.
  2. Go on the last day. As long as there isn’t any particular piece that you HAVE-to-HAVE, go on the last day and dig through the leftovers. Big perk of shopping later = discounts. Most estate sales do 50% on the last day!
  3. If there is something that you really want, buy it (or at least sit it up front at the register)! These events can be really busy and there is no guarantee that it will be there when you go back.
  4. Bring Cash!!! Some estate sales just don’t accept credit card. I almost learned this the hard way at one of the first estate sales I went to. I stumbled upon an amazing estate sale of the family of a local artist. When I walked in, there was a gorgeous painting hanging on the wall (and it was already 40% off – score!) and I knew I wanted it. Luckily, I was able to go to an ATM and get back in time to purchase the painting before anyone else decided to buy it. On my way out, I had every person stop me to take a look at the painting and comment on how much they loved it.

Here is the painting…I’m so happy this find didn’t get away!

IMG_0071 (2)




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